"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

A bit more of an introduction

Let me introduce myself a little more fully.

In no particular order (although chronological seems appropriate), I am a daughter and sister, a step-daughter and step-sister, a half-sister - but most importantly I am a much loved child of the Most High God. I am (super-importantly) mum to two gorgeous, funny, smart and oh-so-precious adult sons whom I love more than I can possibly express. I am incredibly thankful that God allowed me the privilege of being a mum to these guys, and blessed me with all the joys and challenges that came over the years.

I am also an ex-wife. That's a story for another day. So for now, infinitely more joyous is that I am a new-ish wife to an amazing, Godly man who blesses me every day. Along with that comes the fact that I am now stepmother to his two adult sons and one almost-adult daughter. Amazing young people, and I'm learning to love these three new additions to my life. That, too, is at least one story (but probably more) for another day.
Our beautiful wedding morning in 2013.
While I now live in Perth, Western Australia, and have loved living here since 1999 (second time around), this side of the country hasn't always been home. I've lived in several other states of Australia for various periods of time, but I can't see myself moving on from here, not for a long time anyway. A few years ago, when I became "single again", my family wondered if I might move back across the country to be closer to them. The truth was, at such an unsettled time in my life I couldn't bear the thought of not being close to my boys. And so I stayed right where I was, and it was most definitely a wise decision. After all, if I'd moved from here I wouldn't have met my gorgeous husband a few years later!

Richard and I met on a Christian dating site in 2012. Oh yes we did! There will definitely be more on that later, because the last 6 years has been a journey such as I never considered I would travel in my life. I have been, and am, so blessed (and so challenged.......). Richard is a biblical counsellor these days, working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as doing individual, family and marriage counselling, but he's had a variety of other careers in his working life. I have been a speech pathologist since the 1980s, and still work in that field, most recently in the disability sector. Now in midlife, I have a love-hate relationship with my career, and regularly consider whether or not I should move on, try something completely different. Time will tell.

I've already confessed that I love reading about other people's lives, but I'm assuming I'm not alone, and so if you're reading this, please do stop and leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts (and hopefully your encouragement), and I promise to try really hard to hold to my husband's very helpful strategy of "always assume no offence intended".

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