"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: A.....

..... is for Adele, ABBA & Audrey Assad

And here we go with the A - Z challenge - my first ever - a journey through the eclectic mix of music that I've gathered in my collection over the years. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favourites!

I didn't discover Adele until sometime in 2010, but her first album, 19, was released in 2008, the year my marriage ended. The next one, 21, was released in early 2011, which meant that I could still so relate to her soaring, heartbreaking lyrics as I traversed my season of grief and loss - songs like "One and Only", "Someone Like You", "Take it All" and this one, "Make You Feel My Love". Oh Adele, I feel ya!

As for ABBA, well what can I say? I was a teen in the 70s when we knew all the lyrics off by heart. These days I have "ABBA Gold", a "best of" album, and I can still sing along to pretty much every song - "Knowing Me, Knowing You", "Mama Mia", "Money, Money, Money", not to mention "Dancing Queen", of course. And then we had the "Mama Mia" movie so we could all enjoy the songs over again.

I was oh-so-tempted to post a clip from the very funny Australian movie "Muriel's Wedding" for my chosen song, but you'd probably have to be an Aussie to fully appreciate it! So the original fabulous four win the day, with their classic "Waterloo".

Lastly for today, Audrey Assad is a fairly recent discovery. I love her voice and lyrics. If you like cruisy female Christian artists, give her a try. Some of my favourites are "For Love of You", "Breaking Through" and "Restless", as well as this beautiful one, "Show Me".

My "A" list also has artists like Aretha Franklin, Angus & Julia Stone, and Alicia Keys, but it would just take way too long to get through them all.

So here ends my first post in the A - Z Challenge for April - An Eclectic Music Collection. I'm having fun! What did you think of my "A" list? Did you sing along? (C'mon, don't be shy).

I'm looking forward to B!!


  1. Hi Sue - I LOVE ABBA - so many memories attached to their songs and my carefree teenage days, I also love Adele's voice and her jazz type undertones. I hadn't heard of Audrey but after listening to the track you linked, I really like her too. Nice to see you doing the challenge - don't forget to link up on their FB page and spreadsheet xx

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    A for Avoid Negativity

    1. Thanks Leanne, yes I'm amazed at how many of my musical posts will hark back to my teenage years - obviously those formative years stay with us forever in many ways!! Thanks for the tips, I'm in the spreadsheet but not sure about the FB page. Will have a look xx

  2. Awesome! I'm doing a musical journey with my A2Z this month as well. I know how hard it is to choose just a few to talk about. In fact, I had to limit myself to only what I had already uploaded on my van's hard drive. It helped, but even then I could share music all day.

    Love ABBA and Adele. Sorry to hear about your marriage, but isn't it great to have music to help you through it. I often feel more comfortable crying over a song or book than my own problems, but it's still cathartic enough to help me feel better.

    Good luck this month!

    1. Thanks Charity, I'm going to have a look at yours too!! I've cried buckets over my first marriage, listening to music definitely helped the healing process, but it's all a long time ago now. Still, the music connections seem to stay. I hope we both enjoy sharing our music collections over the next month xx

  3. great theme! looking forward to reading it as i'm a music freak too. i think i might have added A-Ha to A as I am an 80s music lover. my theme this year is Elvis.

    1. I think I was more into rock than pop in the 80s Deena, as you'll probably see if you read any more of my posts! The 80s was quite a transitional time for me too, so that may be why my musical tastes underwent a bit of a change at the same time. I definitely had the big permed hair though!! Thanks for your comment xx


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