"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: B.....

..... is for Bruce (the Boss) Springsteen, Big Daddy Weave, Brooke Fraser & J.S. Bach
Yes, I know, B is for Bruce, S is for Springsteen, but for the purpose of these posts I'm just gonna go with the odd logic of the iTunes alphabetisation system, so stick with me.

I've never actually been a huge fan of Bruce's raspy tones, although I think I could see myself really enjoying a live concert. I'm sure on my "Songs for doing housework" playlist (yes I do) I've probably sung along to "Born to Run" and "Dancing in the Dark", and have definitely teared up listening to "Streets of Philadelphia" as it always reminds me of the thought-provoking movie. But for one song in particular I have an especially fond memory.

When I was in my second year at university, I had an Irish boyfriend by the name of Michael. In typical Aussie fashion his uni mates had nicknamed him IRA, he had a broad Belfast accent, and I loved to listen to the lilt. His parents' accents were even more broad, which I discovered when he invited me to meet them one weekend. While his mother cooked us dinner, he put some music on and we danced - cheek to cheek - to "Hungry Heart". Oh be still my beating heart - so very romantic to my 19 year old self! That's all I really remember but it's one of those sweet memories from my youth and the connection with the song has always stayed.

My favourite Big Daddy Weave song only gets played around Christmas time. They do a funky banjo version of "Joy to the World" that always brings a smile to my face and a bop to my Christmas kitchen preparations. My Christmas playlist is stacked with different versions of all my favourites - 4 versions of "Joy to the World", 4 versions of "Silent Night", you get the picture. This one inevitably gets a good workout to brighten my day.

I discovered the sweet voice of Brooke Fraser around the time my first marriage ended, and some of her music hangs heavy with memories of that time. It's hard to pick just one.

I played her lovely song "Faithful" over and over as I struggled to understand where God was in all of my pain. As then as part of the healing process, I put together a sequence of photos from my marriage, and set the slideshow to Brooke's beautiful song "Shadowfeet". I shared it with close girlfriends the night before my unwanted divorce became final. I cried, they cried. Enough said. Brooke's lyrics speak for themselves.

When the world is falling out from under me, I'll be found in You, still standing
When the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees 
When time and space are through
I'll be found in You.
You make all things new.

And as for Bach, well what can I possibly say about Johann Sebastian? His brilliant music is timeless. So here's the beautiful, haunting "Air on a G String".

Others in my collection include The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Boz Scaggs - all classic "Bs" and worthy of a post in their own right.

So that's A and B taken care of, 24 letters to go. I can do this!!


  1. I quite enjoy a bit of Bruce Springsteen - I'm a bit of a fan of raspy voices - I LOVE Bryan Adams (he would have been a great "B" choice) I'm enjoying the mixture you put together each time Sue - and the songs bring back fond memories.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    B for Believe in Yourself

    1. I actually do have some Bryan Adams somewhere Leanne, now that you mention him. On a CD or vinyl in a box somewhere.......... relying on my memory of those ones, not wanting to start unpacking anything while we have so little storage room!!!


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