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The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: I......

..... is for Irene Cara & Il Divo
Irene Cara - who? (you may be asking). Well, anyone who loved the movies "Fame" and "Flashdance" will know who I'm talking about. I was never really into "Fame", but "Flashdance" was released in 1983 when I was 20, and I just loved it. It had everything - girl with huge dream, boy meets girl, girl makes good, boy and girl fall in love! I think it appealed to the frustrated ballerina in me, but I loved the romance too. It seems a little cheesy to watch it now (although as soon as it's out on Netflix, I'll be there!), but at the time it was everything I loved in a warm, fuzzy, girlie movie.

Irene Cara is the voice behind that amazing scene where Alex tries out for dance school and blows the judges away. Girl can dance!! And not only that, but then she gets a bunch of red roses from her man (and girl's faithful dog who he obviously loves too......)! Oh, be still my beating heart!!!

Il Divo makes it into my collection with their lovely version of "Ave Maria", one of four different renditions of this song on my Christmas playlist, which is itself an eclectic mix of various genres and a lot of repetition of my favourites, each by different artists.

I love "Ave Maria" and it's not actually a Christmas song at all, so I'm quite happy to share it in April. And the Il Divo version is not even my favourite - that honour would probably go to Maria Callas, but sadly I don't have her in my music collection. Still, you can have a listen here if you're an "Ave Maria" fan like me and you want to experience perfection. For now, though, Il Divo will have to do (it could be worse).


  1. As soon as I read Irene Cara I immediately got thrown back to Flashdance. I loved that movie and the soundtrack still plays in my head at times. What a Feeling is a classic.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    I for If Opportunity….

  2. Yes!!! I was just watching the Flashdance video with my youngest child last week. I wanted to share the whole fast feet, water bucket, chair experience with them. I can safely say they weren't nearly as excited as I was. Oh well. At least they like Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's something, right? :)


    1. I know Elsie, what is it about the younger generation? I've tried sharing things with my two that I thought were hilarious (at the time) or awesome, but somehow they don't seem to see it quite the same way, lol. I think our expectations were much lower back in the day, not necessarily a bad thing!!


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