"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: M......

..... is for Melody Gardot, Michael Buble & (Wolfgang Amadeus) Mozart
If you've never heard of Melody Gardot I recommend a listen. I discovered this talented lady about 8 years ago when she came to Perth as support act for Diana Krall. A friend and I went to see Diana at King's Park one lovely summer evening, with no idea about the support act, but this Canadian jazz singer with her smooth, smoky voice was (and still is) super-talented. I think I actually enjoyed her more than Diana that night (don't tell her I said so).

Now that I look back, I'm pretty sure that what appealed at the time was the angsty, sorrowful, "I can't live without you" lyrics and soulful melodies. Lyrics like:
Ships may never leave the dock. 
But it don't matter. But it don't matter. 
Ticks may never hear a tock. 
But it don't matter. But it don't matter. 
'Cos, when I'm with you, my whole world stands still. You're my one and only thrill.

Oh dear.  It certainly meshed with how I was feeling at that time, only a couple of years after my marriage ended. After that concert I bought one of her CDs, then another, and another. These days it's hard for me to listen to many of Melody's songs, they are just too closely associated with my time of heartbreak. But I'm going to choose the song that started it all for me with Melody, "Baby I'm a Fool".

Michael Buble - yes I know, but doesn't everyone? He makes it onto several of my playlists - "cruisy jazz & blues", "dinner music" and "romance"!! And as for dancing a rumba, well you can't go past Michael's rendition of "Wonderful Tonight". I have to say I don't love everything he's ever sung, but there are 42 of Michael's songs in my library, so that has to say something. Of those 42, I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but "Dream a Little Dream" would definitely come close.

They say you should play Mozart while you're studying - something called "The Mozart Effect" apparently. But it actually turns out that there are many classical pieces that can help students score higher in their assessments, and Mozart may not even be in the top 5. Still, he's made it into my music library with many and varied pieces over the years. I've chosen this particular piece - "Symphony no. 40 in G minor - 1st movement" because it's one with which I'm so very familiar, having listened to it many, many times (whether I wanted to or not) during my growing up years. I could easily hum along, I'm sure. It's 7 minutes long, so be warned!


  1. Well that's a mix and a half! I hadn't heard of Melody - but she has a beautiful voice. Michael is always a favourite - we play him on Spotify at work a lot. Mozart (hmmmmm I'm not much of a classical fan but he has his moments).

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    M for Make It Happen

    1. Yes Michael Bublé is enjoyed by a wide audience I think Leanne xx

  2. I did not know that about classical music! I have a couple of assignments I need to resubmit, I think I shall put some classical music on while I write them - willing to try anything :)

    1. I wish I'd known it during my student days Suzanne, but they are long past now. All the best with your assignments!!


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