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The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: O......

..... is for Ottmar Liebert & Roy Orbison
Okay, so O is obviously a rare breed indeed, I only have one in my library according to iTunes' peculiar alphabetisation method, but I do have Roy Orbison a little further down the list, so he's going to make an appearance here too. I know, I know, breaking the rules again.

Firstly, to Ottmar Liebert, flamenco (yes, flamenco) guitarist. My stepsister's husband is spanish, so it was at their home one Christmas that I first heard this music, and thought Ottmar could definitely add a unique dimension to my Christmas playlist. The classic carol "Silent Night" takes on quite a lovely feel when given a flamenco flavour.

And now to Roy Orbison, who has an O surname so still fits nicely here. Although I've known his music for a long time, my only album, "Mystery Girl", was purchased after seeing the movie "Indecent Proposal"  - you know, back in the days when you had to buy the whole album even if you only liked one song.

But back to the movie. And that final scene - after an oh-so-indecent proposal and one fatal decision that leads to so much gut-wrenching heartbreak for the Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson characters. And then, when they finally find their way back to each other again - well, that scene is set to this song, "A Love So Beautiful" (aaawwwww). And the scene and the song are forever linked in my mind.


  1. I always associate Roy Orbison with "Pretty Woman" and the movie of course. I am ashamed to admit that I really enjoy Julia Roberts' movies (they're a bit so-so morality wise and also a bit trite) but I do enjoy a good up-beat love story with a happy ending.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    O for Open Your Eyes

    1. Pretty Woman is a great movie, I confess I have a few Julia Roberts movies in my chick-flick collection too Leanne, and the scene where that song plays is one of the best feel-good "you go girl" scenes there is!

  2. roy orbison is such a part of childhood listening to the radio with mum singing along. there is a roy orbison hits in the gallery where I volunteer and one of the ladies there swears that when she has roy on people will buy things.

    1. Lol, maybe it reminds them of the shopping scene from Pretty Woman!!


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