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The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: P......

..... is for Powderfinger, Pete Murray, Pink Floyd & the Penguin Cafe Orchestra
If you're not an Aussie, then you might never have heard of Powderfinger, who formed in Queensland in 1989. They started as a cover band playing pub rock classics, but their originals are what I have in my library. Songs like "My Happiness", "These Days" and "Whatever Makes You Happy". My favourite Powderfinger song though is this one, "Passenger". The first time I heard it I found myself with a lump in my throat and welling up with tears, I have no idea why. Perhaps it was the way the guitar riffs resolve, that always seems to get me............... (in this clip the music actually starts at about 27 seconds in).

Pete Murray is another Australian guitarist/singer whose music I enjoyed about 10 years ago - songs such as "Better Days", "Opportunity" and "See the Sun". I don't listen to Pete so much anymore, mainly because my ex-husband and I had just booked tickets to a Pete Murray concert two days before he left (my husband, not Pete, he's still around) and it was hard to listen for a long time after that (funny how emotional connections can both make and break a song). But he still sits in my music library (Pete, not my ex-husband). Here's one of Pete's more well-known tracks "So Beautiful".

Pink Floyd. Ah yes. What can I say? Along with Led Zeppelin, they formed the soundtrack to (at least a couple of) my teenage years. Like I said in my segment about David Gilmour, I thought Pink Floyd's esoteric lyrics were uber-cool. I didn't have a clue what any of them meant, so they must have been totally deep and meaningful, far too deep for most of us.......

As a smart-alec 15 year old I used to ask my mother if she could predict what lyrics might come next on any particular track. She would always fall for it and predict the predictable, but oh no, Pink Floyd, they couldn't be predicted. That's what made them so beyond clever, of course!!

Interestingly, the strong connection with my angsty and slightly-rebellious teenage years is what makes it quite hard for me to listen to Pink Floyd anymore. But here's their lovely "Breathe" which has the all the hallmarks of classic David Gilmour on guitar, one of the things I loved most about this band (if you're impatient, you can skip to about 55 seconds for the start of the song, but then it wouldn't be Pink Floyd if it didn't have annoyingly long introductions.......).

Who is the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, I hear you ask? Well, I'd never heard of them either, until years ago when my ex-husband and I watched an Australian movie from 1986 called "Malcolm". It was about a young man, a chronically shy mechanical genius, who gets two housemates in to help pay the bills. They turn out to be criminals, and Malcolm, with his innate genius, helps them to plan and execute an elaborate bank heist. It's a sweet, funny movie, and one of the pieces of music on the soundtrack was by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, called "Telephone and Rubber Band". It was pretty quirky, kind of folksy instrumental, but we liked it, looked it up and bought the album.


  1. I had forgotten about Powderfinger - I just listened to My Happiness on youtube again and reminded myself that I actually really enjoy their music. And Penguin Cafe Orchestra is new to me.

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    P for Practice makes Perfect

    1. Some reminiscing for you Leanne! Glad to have reminded you xx


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