"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

The A - Z of An Eclectic Music Collection: S......

..... is for Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Wonder, Shawn McDonald, Sade & Stevie Ray Vaughn

Oh so many "esses" to choose from in my collection, but I've managed to narrow it down somewhat and will try to keep each one short.

Having said that, there's a funny story about my first encounter with the music of Sarah McLachlan, super-talented singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist. We were at a quiz night many years ago, and in between rounds they had extra competitions with prizes. I represented our table for one of these, which involved thinking on your feet, coming up with letter-based answers for presented categories, (eg. a piece of furniture starting with W, etc). And I won! My prize was a Sarah McLachlan CD. I'd never heard of her, but the next morning I listened for the first time and was hooked. That album was "Surfacing", one of her early offerings, and over the next few years I bought every subsequent album and all her earlier ones too. Then I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing her in concert a few years later.

I particularly love songs like "Ice cream", "Adie", "Angel" and "Fallen". I'm a big fan of Sarah's music, but many of her songs have been a part of the soundtrack of my grief and loss years and don't get played much anymore. I've wept much to this one, "Do What You Have to Do".

What's not to love about the amazingly talented Stevie Wonder? So many classics, it's impossible to choose, so I just "stabbed in the dark" with the mouse cursor and picked this one, "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". If my sister is reading this, she will be particularly pleased at my choice.

My sister-in-law gave me a Shawn McDonald CD a number of years ago for my birthday. A few years later, when I was grieving the loss of my marriage, this and the other CDs I'd added to the collection, got a real workout as I allowed the lyrics to wash over me and comfort me. This one in particular - "Beautiful" - reminded me that no matter what is happening, God is always the same, and He is just beautiful.

Ah Sade, another for my cruisy, jazzy, bluesy playlist. What an amazing voice this lady has, first encountered when I was in my early 20s and listened to her "Diamond Life" album. While Sade has recorded many great love songs over the years - "Your Love is King", "Hang Onto Your Love", "No Ordinary Love" - I can't go past this one because it was the first Sade track I ever heard - "Smooth Operator".

And finally, Stevie Ray Vaughn and his powerhouse guitar riffs. If you haven't worked out by now, I am in awe of talented guitarists and Stevie Ray is right up there. This track, "Scuttle Buttin", really shows off his superb finger-pickin' skills. His musical career was exceptional, though sadly short-lived.

Phew, that's it for the "esses".


  1. That's a lot of S's - I'd have picked Supertramp - my all time favourite album when I was with an old boyfriend - Breakfast in America still holds fond memories!

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    S for Stop Procrastinating

    1. Hmm, I didn't mind Supertramp, and I do have a couple of their songs but they were never a big favourite. I quite liked "School" - there's a kind of crescendo in the middle that always gets me - and "Even in the Quietest Moments" is quite lovely too. My favourite Supertramp song would be "Give a Little Bit" I think, but these days I prefer the version by the GooGoo Dolls.
      It's funny though how those old boyfriend musical connections just hang around for years Leanne!! xx


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