"....... for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust" Psalm 103:14

Thinking thankfully - September

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Last month I began a series of (hopefully) monthly posts inspired by a book I'd read several years ago, and recently started re-reading. The book, by Ann Voskamp, is called One Thousand Gifts, and the premise is basically a call to "eucharisteo" - the practice of giving thanks, in all circumstances. Something I'm not always very good at!!

So, to continue the theme, here are some of the things I'm thankful for in September.

Family visiting
I'm very thankful for time spent with my lovely mum, who trekked across the country to visit for a week. And a week off work for me so we could hang out together and do some fun stuff. We explored the Swan Valley one morning and went to King's Park to see the wildflowers another day. These were two of my favourites, and the photos were taken in such a way that I could capture the label so I would know how to find them when I finally get a garden in which to plant them!!

We also did the usual going out for coffee and for lunch, drove down the coast on a lovely sunny day, had plenty of family time with my boys, and also went to see a matinee of Aladdin, which was absolutely amazing. It's always sad to say "see you when I see you", but some lovely memories were made.

Signs of spring
We're getting warmer spring days (at last), and the abundant freesias growing wild under our street tree bring such joy. Their fragrance wafting through the house whenever I pack them into a vase on the kitchen bench is just so heady and beautiful.

My sweet stepdaughter sometimes brings flowers from her mum's garden (or her nana's) when she comes to visit. She introduced me to a variety of Geraldton Wax I'd never seen before - isn't it frilly and gorgeous? It's called "Dancing Queen".

There are lots of birds chirping in the trees in our yard, especially early in the morning. Our neighbour feeds the kookaburras at around 4pm each day, and they come to our Jacaranda and sit and wait for the food to arrive, cackling away to each other. Then they swoop down over the fence, grab the tasty morsels and fly back up into our tree to devour them. They're quite comical to watch.

Son and dog
We had a few weeks with our surrogate dog while my eldest son did a major road trip across the country. He's such a joy and delight (the dog....... and also the son), and we miss him when he goes home again.

He has a couple of "hoodies" which he absolutely loves to wear, much to our amusement, but we think it's because he has anxiety issues, being the runt of the litter. Aawww.

I certainly breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude for the safe and sound return of aforementioned eldest son after he drove solo over 12,000km from Perth to Cairns towing the rally car, then Cairns to Melbourne, and Melbourne to Perth. All that driving in just over 2 weeks, with a week of recce and rallying in between. Phew!

Renovation progress
I'm very grateful for a husband who is super handy (and meticulous) around the house, and who went out of his way to get the bathroom and new bedroom to "functional" before my mum arrived - in fact he was hanging the mirror as I was picking her up from the airport!! The new bedroom certainly wasn't "glam" and needs a lot more work done on it yet, but at least my mum was cozy, warm and comfortable for the week. And had her own bathroom!

And because we have a new bathroom, we also have a new laundry (since they're combined). I can't believe how nice it is to have a proper laundry, with the washing machine in its rightful place (instead of hooked up to the sink in the old kitchen, or worse - down in the basement!). The room still needs some finishing touches, but it's actually a pleasure doing the washing (for the moment anyway).

Kitchen joy
Who would have thought that having a properly-functioning kitchen could bring such joy. But here I am, still marvelling over the simple joy of our new kitchen. Even though it's been more or less functional since the start of the year, we've slowly progressed the finishing touches and I am still saying to my husband "Isn't it so lovely to have a nice kitchen!"

The photos below show the kitchen as it was before we renovated (dreadfully old, cobbled together, bits added on for extra storage, totally dysfunctional), then how it looked a year ago, and how it looks now. I love its functionality, the fact that everything has a home (for the first time in 5 years), there's ample bench space, the work areas are logical, and it has lovely natural light. Truly blessed!!

Again, there are still some minor finishing touches to be done (that may be our achilles' heel for a while) but it's as close to finished as anything in our house right now!!

It's been perfect weather for gardening towards the end of September - not too hot, not too cold. Not that we have much of a garden right now, but I spent a few hours pulling weeds, which is always satisfying, and dreaming of what I might one day plant in the yet-to-be-established garden beds. Not photo-worthy, but a bit of joy nevertheless!

September thankfulness wrap
These are just some of the things for which I've been thankful in September. I find it's good for me when I dwell on them, when I sit for a while, and think, and write about "thankful things" and "joyful things". How about you?

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